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Welcome to Lodan Fine Art online! Please look around at what we have to offer. We have our newsletter online which provides some creative ideas and framing advice. We also have some examples of top notch creativity on the shadowbox page and the playbill page. Also please enjoy our selection of featured artists to suit many tastes and styles. We hope that these will inspire your own creativity.

Lodan Fine Art & Framing Inc  
6319 Three Chopt Road  
Richmond,  VA  23226  





Virtual Framing is Here!

We are excited to announce a new development in framing. For the first time at Lodan we can show you what your artwork will look like framed without cutting a single piece of moulding, matboard, or glass. We call this "Virtual Framing".

Here is how it works: You bring in your artwork and we help you work on mat colors and frames that will be best for your artwork. After that we can bring everything over to our special table equipped with a digital camera and cutting edge software.

We then take a photo of everything and use a program that will let us visualize a framed piece. We can easily change mats and frames to show you different ways it can be framed. We can even show you our specialty mat cuts for a unique look.

So come in and let us show you this unique and powerful device!


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At Lodan we provide:

Friendly knowledgeable staff
Excellent design service and superior craftsmanship for homes and businesses
A major source for artwork
Ability to search through thousands of pieces of artwork on computer
We carry local and nationally known artists such as:
Starlie Sokol-Hohne
Sherrie Wolf
Jeffrey Larson
Beki Killorin
Dan Goad
Elaine Hahn

Hours of Operation

Monday  By Appointment
Tuesday  By Appointment
Wednesday  By Appointment
Thursday  By Appointment
Friday  By Appointment
Saturday  Closed
Sunday  Closed

Call or E-mail lodanart@verizon.net for an appointment!

 Looking for Artwork?

Here are a few resources on the web that can help you find art:


-Large selection of posters/open editions. Find what you like on their website and we can order it for you!


- Custom printed artwork on canvas or paper


- Artwork and other items available from P. Buckley Moss


Lodan Fine Art & Framing is located in the near West End of Richmond, Virginia

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